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I just want to come on here and apologize to everyone for being inactive recently. Reason being because my anxiety has been really out of hand. I’m not motivated to do much anymore, and panic attacks are like my new worst nightmare. I don’t want to get into it much, but just know I am not ignoring anyone. There’s just a lot going on with me so, yeah - again, no drive to be online and role playing. Which I should do to keep my mind occupied, but those of you who have it bad like me, you’d understand. I miss you all, and I’ll see you when I can.

Hugs and kisses!

SasuSaku Month 2014
day 12: silver lining

"It’s okay, Sasuke-kun finally came back… I’m happy that he did."

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 A short respite from an arduous journey! 
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send me <3 for my character’s reaction to yours kissing their neck.

it was a hot summer’s day, the roseate taking it upon herself to stay indoors for the day. she rather relax in a cool atmosphere than sweating puddles outside in the unbearable heat. as the hours went by, the medic took on a handful of chores she’s been avoiding for weeks. with barely being home, there was tons to do. ——- cleaning out her fridge, and basically cleaning every inch of her apartment.

now it was time to head into the kitchen; the room she’s been dreading the most. with being a shinobi you can expect not being home twenty-four-seven. and lately she hasn’t been able to do anything around her accommodation. it was eat, toss in the sink; eat, toss in the sink. and boy did that pile up pretty quickly. “ugh..” a soft sigh, pulling on her cleaning gloves.

rubbing and scrubbing at her plates, the roseate began to find herself getting agitated. if she weren’t so blind with the mess she’d been making, this chore could have been avoided.


tiers were felt at the nape of her neck, visage flushed with a deep crimson. not so much anger fueled the female at first, only shock. slowly her head turned, surprised to see just who made such a bold move. smoker? what the ——- but how ——- huh? brows narrowed in irritation, an enraged expression etched into her feature’s. are. you. kidding. me?

"how the hell did you get into my apartment?! no! d-don’t ever do that again!" a shove to his chest, forcing him away. "make a move and i swear i’ll rip off your lips!" pretty daring smoker.




      [ ✗ ] — ❝ Am I missing something? What’s with those getups? ❞

"what? my clothes? well it’s pretty self explanatory. ——- they’re my clothes."

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someone is sending you one direction lyrics and im finding this beautiful

who’s doing this to meeeeeeeeeeeee ?!?!?!1?! haaaaaaaaaalp.

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► "Scratch behind my ears!" You could have asked instead of giving her a command you dolt.

send my character a ► and a command. they must obey.

"well, you don’t have to be snappy about it." digits reached over to the demon fox’s extended, sharp ear, lightly scratching his sweet spot. it was always memorable to see the bijuu begging for a small scratch behind his ear; you’d usually see him barking at everyone and being a huge jerk.

"is that better for you?"