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Accidentally falls asleep in her office while waiting for her to get off work.

          surgery took longer than expected. complications occurred, therefore calling for immediate attention and more medics on sight. it sure did fright the rosette, but now that everything has settled, it was safe to say it was time to clock out. her scheduled time to exit the hospital was about two hours ago, moving her into overtime. chest heaved, taking in a deep breath as the medic made way to her office to pack up for the night.

          forest hues fixated on a sleeping raven, hunched over on her desk. standing in the doorway sakura smiled a little, arms crossing. this was the third time he’s been waiting on her, that wait resulting in him passing out in her office. it was cute, she had to admit, sasuke taking it upon himself to lull around until she was off work.

extremities raked spiked tresses ever so gently, thumb caressing his cheek.

          “sasuke-kun.. ——-” came the soft whisper of the female, almost hesitant to wake him up. he looked too peaceful as he was, a faint blush tinting porcelain mounds. digits continued to finger through jet black locks, another whisper emitting. ”wake up, we can go home now.”


it's a good thing you never feared flames
because suddenly you're burning alive

Picking Up the Pieces.



Naruto was exhausted. His body was heavy, every movement took more energy that he expected. The shuffling of the papers was the only thing that filled the silence of the office, echoing against the walls. Shikamaru already left. He had a family and a clan to take care of and it’s quite likely just an excuse for him to go to sleep, but Naruto doubted it. He took his job seriously when it came to making sure Naruto himself finished his paperwork.

He sighed and read the report once again. Another failed mission. This time it was a team of Genin. Thankfully no one died, but the prodigy of the team was put into a coma. Naruto read the report again to make sure. He thought he made the right decision. They were the best available team and the mission was meant to be a C-Ranked mission. Was his judgement wrong. He looked away from the paper, unwilling to think those very thoughts.

He glanced at the wall before him and turned away. He couldn’t face them. His predecessors. His father. He failed them. How were they able to cope with the failure? Facing the parents and family of his shinobi. Informing them of their loved one’s passing. He cringed. He already faced a few of his shinobi dying, but this was too much. The report from the head medic, his team mate, said that the Genin is close to death and is not responding to any of their chakra.

His hand clenched into fist, his nails piercing his palm. His chest felt heavy, the numb feeling was dragging him down into his chair. Was this his legacy as the Hokage? Were the deaths of his Shinobi the only thing he’ll bring to Konoha? Would he be able to handle the deaths if a war occurs? Would he be able to lead Konoha when all he brings them is death.

Frustration broke out of him. He grabbed the end of the desk and flipped it over. The crash of the lamp echoed across the room as the books and files spread across the room, all in a mess. Shikamaru would kill him right now if he saw what happened. But that didn’t matter. None of it mattered. Only the blood that was stained in his hands matter. He had to remove it somehow. But he knew the stains will be there forever. Nothing could wash them away.

Suddenly, his legs collapsed on him, his knees crashing onto the hard wood floor. He leaned forwards on the flipped desk, his head resting on the wooden leg. He could feel hot tears flow down his eyes, his voice breaking with every second. The families are suffering because of him. All of their deaths were his fault. Did they condemn him as they died. Wish for him to be in damnation because he sent them to their deaths.

Naruto couldn’t think of an answer and sat on the cold ground, crying for the Shinobi he led to their deaths. To the children who never get to see their parents. To the parents who can never say goodbye to their child. All of this pain caused by him. At that very moment, Naruto realized that he will never be as good as the previous Hokage and his father. All he can do is cry in anguish as his hands are stained red every day.


          after another long shift at the hospital, it was now time to clock out and head home. konoha’s hospital was beginning to become sakura’s home. she’s there for almost the whole day, and is rarely at her own apartment. tiers released a small sigh as the rosette hung up her doctor’s coat. being deemed the head medic of the village meant greater responsibilities on the kunoichi.

          everyone looked to her for anything medical related. whether it’s a sickness, injury, surgery, etc., the villagers looked to the female to make it better. if not, it meant heavy emotions of guilt on her shoulders. it’s very unfortunate when she’s the one bearing bad news ——- typically when it involves death. though it’s gotten better to deal with situations such as those, there are times where it still haunts her in her sleep.

          the night sky blanketed the leaf, stars illuminating it. before heading home the medic decided to stop by the hokage’s office; naruto’s office. it’s been great seeing her friend come so far and achieving his dreams. with everything he’s dealt with, he can now say he’s made it. lips formed into a small smile upon this thought, taking route to the hokage tower.

          walking down the hallway ears caught a thudding sound, raising curiosity within the female. that’s when she quickened her footsteps, hoping the blonde wasn’t up to anything foolish. if he were she would ——-

but what she walked into was the complete opposite.

          “naruto..” there on the ground was her sobbing comrade, desk flipped and the room a mess. what happened just now? what could possibly be going wrong with him? olive orbs held intense worry, rushing to the male’s side. a palm laid upon his shoulder, being very cautious on her approach.

          “naruto? what’s wrong; why are you crying?” it was an awful sight to endure. sakura never did enjoy seeing her close ones cry, especially like this. her mind drew a blank trying to figure out what could be the answer to this predicament. “please stop crying.. ——- talk to me.”

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a day in the life of iruka-sensei


       Excitement would have been running through the blond
          had this mission been received some years back when he so
          desired the excitement. But now, he’d happily take rescuing a
          cat from a tree over some jobs usually held for ANBU. But that
          was the life of the Hokage-to-be, his training having taken place
          for the past few years, a feat that had matured him quite a lot.
          But of course some quirks did remain.

                   ”Admit it Sakura-chan, you don’t know either ‘ttebayo.”

          The blond mumbled, glancing over her shoulder and scanning
          the scroll’s instructions. Nothing overly complicated, but still it
          did leave him baffled. 

          “Baachan said it was a rescue mission.. but.. then why was it
           given by the person we gotta rescue..? Something’s really off


          “what’s that supposed to mean, eh?! are you trying to call me stupid?!” a growl hissed through clenched teeth, brows furrowing in an irate manner. he was not gonna have that power over her. he’s never have, and he never will. to have your knowledge insulted by naruto ——- it just never happens.

          but confusion was indeed true within the mission’s description. it surely brought up questions. how is it possible the person they were supposed to be rescuing send them orders? wouldn’t a friend, family member, or significant other give them the heads up? a palm was brought up to the rosette’s chin, pondering the thought.

"it is weird, i will admit. maybe they snuck it out without anyone noticing?"