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looks at all the cute shippings on my dash. it was just so. darn. cute.



"Maybe everyone’s just avoiding you Sakura, hmm~?"


    She teased, a smirk gracing her face before she let out a laugh and waved a hand as if to dismiss her previous statement.

     “I’m pretty sure quite of few are on missions right now. I know Chouji and Shikamaru left for a mission yesterday. It just seems like everyone’s getting missions lately but I have yet to get a mission myself. I want some actions too.” She huffed irritably.

"Haha, very funny Ino." An obvious sarcastic tone, brows furrowing.

Of course she didn’t take her taunting seriously. In just seconds it was all forgotten, a much friendlier expression etched into features. It seemed like her suspicions were accurate. If those two were out on missions, then it wouldn’t surprise her if everyone else were. Tsunade just loved having others work.

"You’re actually upset you didn’t get a mission? Ugh, I’ve been so exhausted. ——- Do you know what it’s like to basically become Tsunade’s assistant?” The thought just gave her the chills. “Shizune isn’t enough for her. She spots me, then I’m forced doing work as well.”


                                      Do not
                                                 I can UNLEASH



                    ██▓▓▒▒░░✖————Well, what do you assume they are up to?with the shallow monotone came a slight smirk from aback of the pinkette.  


"They’re probably busy, or out on a mission. I’ll have to check in later."

A slight shrug from the roseate, brushing off the topic.

"Tsunade-sama, you’re so mean." 

"This is odd——- it’s really quiet. I wonder what everyone’s up to.”

Konoha was never really the /quiet/ village. It was quite lively on a day-to-day basis.

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naruto’s already 17 in the manga! his birthday was revealed in a chapter during the war arc, so the day that the manga is taking place on right now is supposed to [still] be Naruto’s 17th birthday.

so then sakura is 17 as well since her birthday is months before naruto’s. o.o

Right now, it’s October 9th going on the 10th. So anyone with a birthday before that is 17 or their appropriate age, Naruto to Hina (as Hinata is the youngest of the rookies I believe outside of Gaara but he doesn’t count) are 16. Naru’s almost 17.

how do you know that? o: did they say in the manga?